Social Therapy

Social therapy is a professional discipline developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the founder of the Waldorf school. At the heart of the concept is the idea that a healthy social environment is essential for adults with developmental disabilities to live productive, independent, and joyful lives. A healthy social environment is cultivated through community where all members make a contribution according to their ability. The training in social therapy provides practical, emotional, psychological and spiritual tools and insights necessary for living and working with developmentally disabled adults.

The social therapy method:

●   group work and cooperation
●   a person’s physical, mental and spiritual development
●   creation of high-quality products and the realisation of creative potential
●   positive reinforcement
●   individual approach

The goals of social therapy:

●   developed social skills and social integration
●   developed labour skills and creativity
●   improved physical and mental state
●   improved living standards of people with special needs
●   overcoming of the stigma of the general public towards people with special needs
●   improved lives of family members
●   integration of young and elderly people into social care communities by means of volunteering

Courses by APNSC

APNSC in partnership with the Free Waldorf School and Kindergarten in Tbilisi are admitting students for the following courses:

“Basic Course on Social Therapy and Pedagogy”

The course aims to raise social therapists that are able to communicate and work with young people and adults with special needs in household and working environments. We also train teachers, parents and future parents.

Duration: 3 years