In APNSC our beneficiaries can be involved in one of the eight therapeutic workshops. They can join candle-makingwoodwork, printing and binding, paper recycling or creative workshops. Alternatively, they can also work in the kitchen and household as well as the garden and bee workshops. The newest workshop offers the production of merchandising items, like t-shits, puzzles etc. The key is to offer the beneficiaries a work setting adjusted to their individual needs. In the workshops they can explore their abilities and learn practical skills.


An occupation is very important for people with special needs. It grants them support and a place where they can feel useful.

For example, our Thea, who works in the workshop for candle making, has nobody to take care of her at home. Her mother is bedridden with cancer. Thea feels helpless, which sometimes leads to her having fits of anger.

Or Simon, who works in the printing workshop, whose mother is also sick and cannot move. Without a dayhome, where he can come every day, Simon would have spent all his time in the streets, which would, naturally, concern his mother.

Diana, that works in the kitchen, is also in a difficult life situation and on top of that she is suffering from her own mental problems. Her mother is unable to work and suffers from epilepsy. Both women live in great poverty. The dayhome is giving Diana not only a daily meal, which she cooks together with her friends also for other people in the home, but also an occupation and an opportunity to continue socializing with other people and take part in therapeutical workshops.

Our other guests also find themselves in a difficult situation. For George the dayhome is an alternative to living in the streets or going to jail. He lives together with his grandmother who cannot take care of him any longer, which has led to him joining a company that is known for its problems with the police.
And for Levan, who stopped talking after the death of his father, the dayhome has become a great support. He takes part in the social life of the house and gladly works in the woodwork workshop.

Recycling & Upcycling

Recycling and upcycling are the main principles in our workshops. We want to make old things shine with a new light, change something old to create something new, and, perhaps, make the world a more beautiful place that way. We are trying to spread the idea of recycling in Georgia as caring about environment is not yet a priority in our society.